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The Kantipur Condom House And Sex Toys Shop welcomes you pleasurably and wholeheartdly, we are located on Adwait Marg, BagBazar in the center of Kathmandu.
The Kantipur Condom House And Sex Toys Shop is Nepal’s top sex toy store, with over 12 years of experience.
We provide a grand selection of sex toys for both men and women, with over 400 distinct models and 40 different brands of high-quality condoms and lube.

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FAQs Relate To Sex Toys In Nepal

The Kantipur Condom House is a top store for buying different types of sex toys in Nepal. We not only preserve a large variety of sex toys, but we regularly bring in new sex toys for our customers.

All of the items on our website are completely legal to sell in Nepal. The Indian Customs administration has authorized, cleared, and sanctioned our merchandise. We follow all legal requirements, maintain the highest levels of sanitation, and provide sex toys from leading worldwide companies.

Yes, using these sex toys is perfectly safe. All sex toys and sexual items, whether ingested, inserted, or worn for sexual enjoyment, are constructed of high-quality, body-safe materials. Furthermore, the majority of the goods on our store have been medically evaluated and confirmed to be safe to use. Simply follow the product's directions for how, when, and where to use it.

It might be challenging to pick a sex toy for the first time. It's much more perplexing when you lack experience and direction. But that's when we step in to help. To make your life simpler, we offer a separate area for first-time users called sex toys for first-timers, which features hand-picked toys for both men and women selected by our editors. Buyers may also contact our knowledgeable customer service staff, who not only assists them with their requirements and wishes, but also makes them feel at ease when speaking with them. Customers may contact our customer service staff by chat, email, or phone.

Both men and women have access to a variety of sex toys. Few people are aware, however, that there are a few sex toys available for couples. You may choose from a broad range of items for couple foreplay and sex, including handcuffs, wands, butt plugs, penis rings with bullet vibrators, and anal toys. When it comes to the most popular items, such as 'Vibrators,' we offer a large selection that includes vibrators for clitoris and G-spot that may be used alone or with your partner to reach maximum arousal and orgasms. Couples may enjoy not just sex toys but also amusing adult games, couple activities, and edible massages for added cheval. Sex Lubricants and Vaginal Tightening lotions can help couples with penetration concerns.

The majority of sex toys are lightweight and portable. Women can use discreet vibrators that are fashioned like lipsticks or mascara and are elegant in style, making them simple to carry with their beauty items. Men's sex toys, on the other hand, are around the size of deodorants, making them easy to purchase and transport.

All Over Nepal Delivery

Delivery service accessible across Nepal. We delivered on schedule and without a hitch. Delivery rates will be assessed on a per-order basis rather than per-product basis.

Secret and Special Packaging

Nobody will be able to tell what you bought. We respect your privacy and deliver without mentioning the product name, so please rest assured.

Cash On Delivery

Cash on Delivery is available for all of our products. We accept payments over the internet. You can make also make online payment.

Sex Toys Nepal

All these technological establishments of 21 century help us to explore and fulfill our desires in a secure and healthy manner. Sex toys in Nepal have lost a lot of its stigma, and now helping all sorts of Nepali couples and individuals find ways to be more comfortable with their bodies and relationships. They have enhanced access to everybody and produced a cultural phenomenon that is not only more acceptable but also a conduit for healthy sexual expression thanks to the technology behind them. Major marketplaces are being created all over the planet. Our perceptions regarding sex and intimacy are gradually evolving.

For a long time, Nepall stood by and observed while the Western world matured sexually. We watched as the world around us transformed through movies, television, and even music. While societal trends have begun to tear down the obstacles that many Nepalese have faced, finding adult toys may still be a challenge. So we The Kantipur Condom House thrive to provide the best adult toys in Kathmandu and all over Nepal.

We now have access to a range of things that can be secretly packaged, distributed, and paid online, thanks to the digital age of information. Adult toy shopping does not have to be a humiliating process. We have the ability to ask questions and receive truthful responses about sexual desires and different sex toys. We may now discover such things ourselves without fear of being condemned, all thanks to the internet.

Sex Toys In Nepal – The Past

Nepal was practically more literal and educated about sexual expression and education in the past. We can get the proof of this from the stone art and wood art present in many of the temples and public place engraved with sexual pose statues.

Nepali culture, which has profound roots in Hinduism, was historically associated with gender equality and open sexuality. Adult toys were frequently utilized and integrated into marital and spiritual development during this period. With sexual expression serving as a vital means for couples to get closer to one another as well as to the gods and goddesses, Being a channel for individuals to connect with their bodies and achieve higher degrees of self-actualization and romantic closeness.

Despite this lovely history of mutual reverence and a deeper drive to satisfy our lovers and ourselves, our ideas on sex and adult toys altered as our religious society transformed. Sex became a hardship and a requirement of procreation over time due to illiteracy and proverty. Many rights were taken away from women, and they were no longer recognized as equals to men. Men became overloaded by social expectations and pressure. Both sexes are left unsatisfied and without an actual relationship as a result. Leaving sex toys in Nepal as a relic of the past, to be avoided at all costs.

As the 20th century progressed, worldwide ideas on sex and sex toys began to shift. Physicians began prescribing sex devices for women. Sexuality began to emerge from all civilizations, including Nepal, which began to hesitantly stretch its sexual muscles, gradually releasing the harsh shackles of previous generations. Nepalese demonstrated once again that they are sexual creatures when the internet got widely used in the 21st century and primitive beliefs began to shift and were very excited to see what possibilities adult toys have to offer.

As views and lifestyles open to the potential of reciprocal sexual exploration, it is becoming more popular and accessible. Female sex toys are just as readily available as male sex toys, demonstrating gender equality in the adult goods market. It’s all readily available nowadays, whether it’s vibrators for ladies or pocket pussies for males you can order them with a push of a button.

Sex Toys In Nepal – The Future

Nepalese are getting more routinely exposed to western cultures and ideals as Nepal continues to stay up with other westernized countries. Westernized countries push their emancipated views on individuals all around the country through television, literature, and movies.

Because of which individuality and sexual expression are being normalized. Adoption of new technology and internet services boosts not just Nepal’s corporate possibilities, but also the world’s perception of the country’s lasting culture. Allowing for the flow of ideas and acceptance of other cultures. Nepalese culture, art, and design have influenced westernized nations, while gender equality, sexual expression, and modern customs have influenced Nepalese as a result of this interchange.

Increasing the acceptability, affordability, and enjoyment of these toys. Creating a movement that values self-expression and love as a source of empowerment. The buzzing thrill of sex toys for men and women equally is emphasized.

Couples aren’t the only ones who are adopting adult toys. Nepalese may progress not just in their sexual partnerships but also in their personal life by embracing other aspects of western sexual empowerment, such as pornography, erotic storytelling, and acceptance of all forms of healthy sexual tendencies. Different types of sexuality, including as heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality, have been normalized, allowing Nepalese to escape the loneliness and shame of outdated conventions. Now that we’re embracing these things, sexual literature and pornography provide us with a comparable framework to comprehend exactly what we’re missing.

What kind of Sex toys are available in Nepal?

Any sex toys one can think of is now available in Nepal these days. Sex toys are categorized into various types and subcategories in general. The following are a few of these categories:

  • Sex toy for men: masturbators, penis enhancers, cockrings, sex dolls, prostate massagers, etc
  • Sex toys for women: Vibrators, (strap on) dildos, pussy pumps, massagers, etc
  • Bondage sex toys: handcuff, whippy, masks, paddles, nipple clamps, chasity belts, collars, SM suits, blind folds, etc
  • Anal sex toys: Anal beads, butt plugs, anal pumps, anal vibrators and dildos, etc
  • Lingerie: corsets, baby dolls, body stockings, panties, role playing costumes, etc
  • Condoms and Lube: dotted condoms, premium condoms, climax delaying condoms, lubricants, lotions, massage oils, tightening creams, breast enlarging cream, penis enlarger cream, etc

There is a lot more to think of but rest assured that nowadays all these items are readily obtainable.

Where should you buy the best sex toys in Nepal?

 The Kantipur Condom House has been in adult toys business for the past 12 years and we specialize in providing quality sex toys in Nepal.
We do same day delivery service in valley whereas we do next day delivery if you are outside kathmandu valley. We are also known as “condom house near sundhara” as we are located near to it. Our exact location is City Market, Bagbazar. 

We have always provided the best sex toys with the motto of “Make if Playful and Pleasurable”. Connect with us on whatsapp with your best sex toys choice and we will get back to you.