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penis enlarge automatic pump



1.Remove the cover from the power Controller and install the batteries. 2.Please ensure that the battery compartment is tightly fitted and secure. 3.Use a little lubrication. Insert your penis into the vacuum tube, make sure the rubber ring is close to your body. 4Function Button: Please press the function button as you crave. 5. Release the air by continuously Pressing it in a gentle way (heavy pressing will block the air exit) NOTE 1.The Power Controller is not waterproof., Please don’t use it in the water 2.We advise you to shave the hair around your penis if it’s too close when using the pump. 3.If you notice any red congestion in your penis. please don’t worry, it’s a normal response. just like the skin will become red after doing sport. Stop using the pump and wait for penis to recover. 4.We advise you to take a warm shower before using the pump, and let your penis relax. 5.Use time: we advise you to use the penis pump 1 time per 2-3days, and keep the time in 5-10min. Please do not stay in too long when using the pump: after exercising for more than3-6month, you will see the effect. great super growth in size.

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